Welcome2© manages every business activity, especially external activities, whether they are small or large, via the scheduler: work plans can be easily distributed; assignment modes can be automatically scheduled to assign tasks and responsibilities to each department.

Activity scheduling

Welcome2© sends work schedules (programmed and/or extra) to employees using any portable device (such as Pocket PCs, PDAs, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) or fixed stations (PC, Totem). Those using this system benefit from the reliable and organized assignment of work, as well as the simple and expedient means of providing feedback, again in real time, in the form of photos, videos, GPS locations, bar code readings, etc. Customers and suppliers benefit likewise from the real time exchange of information and work progress monitoring.

Directly from the field

Activities in the field can be monitored and traced; Data from field assignments can be viewed quickly and easily, facilitating the compiling of reliable statistics which will lead to more accurate forecasting. The need for paper is eliminated; this will result in significant time and cost savings, while increasing quality and security. Delegations: special permissions of power within the organization are managed in a timely and accurate manner.

Workflow and Negotiations

Modeling and standardization related to business processes become automated (negotiation of a contract, flow of approval of a request), the automatism of the workflow and negotiations, and the monitoring of the individual phases that compose them, and gives the possibility to store the exchange of information between the actors involved (documentation, messages, etc.). In other words, with Welcome2© the user can customize workflow of contract creation. Through a workflow driven user, customers and suppliers manage an online a purchase/sale for a service and/or product supply. The entire trading process is regulated by ISO international standards; and permits a contractual agreement, archiving, and subsequent consultation of all documentation produced during the negotiation. The process ensures compliance with the law and will help the company achieve any requested certifications.

Assignment of functions

Proxies, or more properly “assignments of functions”, represent the attribution of a function or power within the organization, so thanks to Welcome2© each level of responsibility is managed in a precise manner. Within the corporate structure, which should naturally be aimed at ensuring efficiency, timeliness and unity in the governance of the company, the delegation of powers is an expression of the powers of management and control, which are justified on the basis of the hierarchical principle inherent in the organisation of the company as designed by the system of the code. The delegation of authority may concern management tasks (legal and personnel affairs) and internal representation tasks (ex: the approval of certain offices prior to the conclusion of a contract) but may also involve a power of representation by translating into a power to act in the name and on behalf of the company also in external relations (so-called signing power)”.


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