With Welcome2© every company can easily realize the digital transformation and go toward the Industry 4.0

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Not just a management software but an application platform with infinite uses.

Welcome2© is a service used by Small and Medium Enterprises, Private or Public Institutions and Supply Chains. It supports the Company to realize the digital transformation, it allows the Company to track data, to obtain precise forecasts on trends, and so much more.

High modular structure

W2© is a tool created to support the Company, it helps to make the management more efficient and to innovate. It is structured in a modular way so the Company can implement single activities.

Standard ISO

W2© respects the ISO standards, it facilitates the certifications and adapts the Company to the specific requirements in subject of Safety and Prevention.

Integrated management

W2© allows the management of contractualization, of documentation, of transactions, of administrative activities, of operative on field, of quality, of safety, of accountability, and so much more.


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