The Welcome2© platform and sensors work together, so the company goes straight into the industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

By becoming part of Industry 4.0 the automation level rises and the demand for sensors with it. The sensor system allows to collect large quantities of data, and the Welcome2© platform, which can be interfaced with them, allows to process these data in real time, as well as to provide an optimization plan thanks to historical data. Welcome2©’s analysis of the data collected by the sensors provides information and services that until now were impossible, but that with the 4.0 industry become basic requirements. Thanks to the collaboration between sensors in the field and the Welcome2© platform, it will be possible, for example, to foresee the maintenance to be carried out on work equipment, to highlight anomalies in the work equipment, to observe the climatic conditions of a green area, to localize operators in terms of safety at work, to locate work equipment, to study the levels of polluting substances in a green area, and much more.


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