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Since 2006 D.E.C.A. Srl carried out the maintenance activities of the TIM Radio Base Stations, with these numbers: 12,636 scheduled maintenance operations, 1,894 extraordinary maintenance operations, 6,318 Radio Base Stations, 30 teams active at the same time, 16 Regions involved in maintenance.
Through its modus operandi, Deca has brought digital innovation to Telecom, thanks to the use of Welcome2, it has achieved the following operating results: a reduction in the total annual cost from 7.5 million euro to 3.360 million euro, resulting in a reduction in costs per ordinary operation from 887 euro to 400 euro.
Telecom was the first witness of the revolution brought by Welcome2 (at the time “GlobalGest”) and the benefits that could be achieved with the use of an intelligent management system.


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