With W2© everything is possible by standardizing data collection, and making data easily and fully available.

A platform adaptable and different from others

  • Managing both individual activity and complex supply chains;
  • Pay as you go;
  • Possibility to start with only some parts of the company and then implementing the remaining activities;
  • Managing public tenders qualifying the preparation of the tender documentation, drafting of the technical offer, drafting of the economic offer and inspection;
  • lanning, assignment and monitoring of the progress of activities related to research and development projects;
  • Support for innovation developments in products, networks and processes;
  • Interaction between any manufacturing entity;
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Fuzzy-Logic for forecast production performance;
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability of the system;
  • Also available in english with the possibility to translate into other languages;
  • Field activities also in offline mode.

Easy and complete

With Welcome2© everything is possible by standardizing data collection, and making data easily understood and fully available. In software, an ontology is “a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them” (Via Oxford dictionaries). Ontologies automatically create a statistical model by reading and interpreting raw text, documents, etc. By discovering specific relationships, the platform can form the model further by using algorithms, which then enable it to make more accurate predictions and give better insight on any particular sphere of influence or domain. This ability to define relationships among data makes ontologies a very powerful tool that can link, manage, and understand data. Welcome2© uses ontology for a variety of purposes, including inductive reasoning, classification, problem solving techniques, and interconnection between different systems. Welcome2© uses ontologies applied in the field of artificial intelligence, representation and sharing of knowledge


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